Choosing an online music teacher

When you make the decision to choose an online music teacher, you had better get ready to do some homework – and that’s before the first lesson even starts! This article is focused on the questions you need to ask yourself, and the teach, to be sure that you choose the best possible online music teacher for your lessons.


Choosing an Online Music Teacher


How much experience in mus does your teacher have?


Finding a teacher with the right experience level is important, you don’t want to learn from someone who is learning themselves. A good 5 years playing music is a minimum for a serious teacher, if they have less than that you should be a bit wary and really ask some hard questions.


How much teaching experience do they have?


This is an obvious one, but don’t over look the specifics of their teaching history besides how long they has been teaching. You won’t want to look at just how long they have been teaching, but what age group and skill level as well.


A teacher who has done nothing but teach absolute beginners may not be as good with someone who is a bit more advanced. If your teacher has spent the last 5 years teaching teenagers, and you’re in your adult years, you may want to explore your options a bit more and find someone familiar with adult learners.


Ask for certificates


This is important as it solidifies your teacher as a professional. Nearly anyone can give guitar lessons out of the back of their car, but a real teacher must be certified. Do not be afraid to ask to actually see the certificate and then take the time to research the institution that issued it.


What teaching style works for you and what method does the teacher us?


Your teacher should know what their teaching method is called and be able to relate it to you in these keys areas of learning:


  • How the teacher evaluates students
  • What materials they use to help instruct students
  • The specific types of music and music theory they will teach
  • The lesson plans that they have prepared for various skill levels


If you teacher plans to just wing it, you should plan to find another teacher!


Get any idea of what your teacher expects


If your teacher is a hard charger who demands 20 hours of practice a week, but you only have time for 10, it is important to get this worked out as you both need to manage your expectations. You will also want to know how long the lessons will be, how frequent they will be and if they expect you to attend recitals or performances.


Ask for references


All of the above mentioned questions are important, but asking for references may be the most essential thing you do. This is when you have a real opportunity to find out what your teacher is really like and see first hand what you can learn. If your referral can’t play a song…you know it’s time to move on!