Great Software for Homeschooling

With the rising cost of sending your child to school, and the general disaster that is the national education system, homeschooling is becoming more and more popular all the time.


With continued advances and developments in computers and software, well, it’s a wonder that we still send our children to schools at all. I’m going to look at some of the software that will help your child learn from home with instruction, and on their own.


Great Software for Homeschooling


Math software – MathAid


I like how MathAid covers a wide range of concepts, with many different tutorial styles. The testing style is also adaptable, allowing you to choose the test topics, and the number of problems within the test.


Once you’re done testing, the software then provides the correct answers, and the full solution so you understand it, anywhere you may have been incorrect.


Reading software – Istation


Istation is more or an all-in-one piece of software as it allows for some math and interdisciplinary studies on top of their excellent reading comprehension training. Their assessment system makes it so you don’t have to sit around and analyze grades to determine future learning paths for your child, the software does it all for you!


The software will handle all assessments through its Indicators of Progress software scoring system. Reports are automatically generated – no manual entry required on the teacher’s part!


Basic geography – Stack the Countries


This early childhood educational tool teaches your child about the basics of the world, and what’s more important than that? Stack the Countries is actually an app on the iTunes store, available for $2.99.


In the game your child will learn about all the countries of the world, national flags, where they are, their capital cities, important landmarks, and what shape they are, all in a fun and interactive way.


Music software – Music Ace Deluxe


Building on the popular Music Ace, and Music Ace 2 is Music Ace Deluxe. There is no real age restriction as it is for anyone of any age who wants to learn more about music than just who played the song.


You can learn the basics, and work right up to advanced concepts. This software will be able to help your child learn music theory, different rhythms, perfect pitch, sight note reading, and active listening.


This happens through fun lessons plans and interactive games, which both progress at a natural pace. If you want more options, try this article with five pieces of music software for a wide variety of purposes.


Artistic software – My Story


I could have listed any old app that let your kids draw, but those lose their fun quickly. My Story allows children to create their own books with pictures, words, and vocals. It’s like a comic book with an audio track!


I’m biased, I’m an admitted lover of comic books and a professional writer, but learning how to draw, tell stories in words and pictures, and truly express yourself is the most important thing that any person can do. This app can help your child do this, and all for a low price.